Example 1 Drukuj

When tool is launched the first view how presents itself to a user is shown below. The window is split into two regions. The left, smaller, contains a navigation tree view. The bigger right part will display numerous functional controls.


When launched for the first time one may check whether the selected unit system is the most convenient and eventually modify it. Introduced amendments will be kept during next launches. Can also be changed at any moment in future.


Click on "Project" in the tree view. You will be taken to a place where some remarks about project can be noted down.


The next step after that is to define operating conditions. Among many this includes parameters of compressed gas on suction and discharge, rpm value.


Go to model and add on HE chamber


Double click on the symbol of HE chamber and specify its parameters


The simplest possible task is already completely defined. At this stage of work it is good practice to save the model. Go to simulation click on "Get model assembled" specify number of revolutions you want to run put 3 (depending on complexity of the problem usually 3 to 10 is the number allowing to get convergent solutions) and push "Run".


In few seconds the simulation is done. Go to "Results" and view how parameters evolve over consecutive revolutions.


You may also display various charts illustrating how compression process looks like. To make it either click on "Chamber" or go back to model , display context menu of chamber and select "Display charts"


Customize your charts using numerous options of the chart window.


Save project – this will allow you recall results of your simulation at any moment in future without necessity of recalculating it again.


Get Example_1.plusE (Example_1.zip) project file.


Watch the screencast of Example 1

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